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Physical Therapy

  • Common Injuries/Diagnoses treated at Dion Physical Therapy

    • Low back pain and sciatica 

    • SI Joint pain

    • Neck and shoulder pain and injuries

    • Arthritis 

    • Sprains/Strains

    • Balance and gait disorders

    • Elbow/wrist/hand pain and injuries

    • Hip and knee pain and injuries

    • Ankle and foot pain and injuries

    • Sports injuries

    • Motor Vehicle Accident injuries

    • Pre and post-surgical rehabilitation

    • Work Injuries

    • Prenatal and post-partum conditions and pain

  • Therapeutic Exercise and Activity

    • Used to improve range of motion, strength, flexibility, endurance, stability to return to functional activities

  • Neuromuscular Re-education

    • Used toimprove balance, proprioception, coordination, postural, muscle re-education

  • Modalities and Manual Therapy

    • The following are used when indicated for pain relief, improving mobility, and restoring alignment/function

      • Electrical Stimulation

      • Ultrasound

      • Joint Mobilization

      • Traction​

      • Massage

      • Muscle Energy Techniques

  • Patient education

    • All Patients are given a home exercise program appropriate for their needs and goals. Also instructed as needed: lifting technique, proper gait and running mechanics, activity modification, postural training, ergonomics​

Physical Therapy Fall River
Leg Injury - Physical Therapist in Fall River
Physiotherapy - Physical Therapy Fall River
Physiotherapy -Physical Therapist in Fall River
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