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Heart Health

February is the month most synonymous with snow, cupid, and Valentines Day, but did you know it is actually American Heart Month. Here are a couple of fun facts about your heart that you may have not known. It pumps 2,000 gallons of blood every day. That’s equivalent to 528 milk jugs a day. It beats 115,000 times each day and can even beat when it's disconnected to the body. Most heart attacks happen on a Monday. Death from a broken heart, or broken heart syndrome is possible, but extremely rare (Wells, 2017).

Your heart is the most important organ in your body. Without it you would not be alive. It's function is like a delivery man. By using your blood it carries oxygen and nutrients all around the body and delivers them to all organs and tissues. Without these nutrients your tissue and organs would die (Lewis, 2016).

Being physically inactive puts you at a higher risk for heart disease than smoking. Activity and diet are in your control and are the best ways to combat heart disease. Here are some suggestions of easy ways to get some extra cardio in your daily routine to prevent heart disease.

  1. Park farther back when you are going to the store. This will add daily steps to your count.

  2. Take the stairs. When offered the elevator find the stairwell.

  3. Stand up more. Time sitting is measured as an independent risk factor for heart disease. Invest in a stand up desk, take your next meeting standing, or choose to stand during public transportation (Lewis, 2016).

  4. Every time you sit down in a chair, stand up and sit down nine more times. This will help with strength training your legs and give you multiple quick cardio boosts through the day.

In order to take care of others you have to take care of yourself. Put yourself first for once. If you are having problems with finding healthy or safe activities we are here for guidance to create effective and sustainable routines. Contact us at Dion Physical Therapy for a specialized plan of care. Questions? Feel free to email or call! Ph: 774-955-5830. Email:


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