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The Covid 15

Have you heard the phrase the "Freshman 15" in reference to a college student gaining 15 pounds in their first year of school? Well I bet a lot of us are more familiar with the "Covid 15". We have heard many reasons why people have put on extra weight during the recent economic shut down - stress, no access to the gym, lack of schedule, or good food related to gathering with your family. Many of our patients are feeling frustrated, tired, and more unhealthy. It is prime time to stop those bad habits and start a routine to help lose that weight and stay healthy.

There has been a boom with home work out companies and fitness apps because of ease of access and their flexible availability for the consumer. But there are many things you may have lying around at home that will cost you $0 and give you an effective workout. For example, a study out of McMaster University in Canada proved that short bursts of stair climbing can improve your cardio fitness (Allison et al., 2016). No special exercise machine needed.

Cleaning your house is a good way to burn calories. Pushing a vacuum cleaner around for half an hour can burn 124 calories if you're 150 pounds (more calories burned if you weigh more). Just in time for fall, raking and bagging your own leaves can burn more then 178 calories for a 200 lb person.

There is no need to buy yourself an expensive set of weights or kettle bells. Filling a 16 ounce water bottle (standard Poland Spring water bottle) weighs approximately 1 lb. Just using a gallon jug and filling it up with water is equivalent to about 8 lbs. If you fill it with dirt or sand you can increase its weight to 13 lbs. Also, the use of water as weight, since it is not equally distributed and changes direction when moved, makes strengthening more difficult and engages your smaller stability muscles to counteract this force (Wolfe, n.d.)

So despite where the pandemic leads us, stay healthy by keeping a regular exercise regiment. If you need new ideas for workouts, require extra motivation, or need nutritional guidance to get back on track please contact us at Dion Physical Therapy! We offer personal training services by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist in a clean and Covid-19 safe environment. You may also email or call if you have questions!

Email: Phone 774-955-5830.

Reach out to get a personalized program!


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